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CPD gives you Image retouching service @USD 1.10

Professional image retouching service for modeling company, advertising company,

fashion design, portfolio website, magazine, journals, e-commerce, product modeling, and other digital media.

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Image retouching service

Image retouching service is the foremost photo editing service after clipping path service. The importance of photo retouch is enormous. It is important for selling a professional image.

A professional photographer only snatches photos for money. Every photo has its price. The raw image has no value. That’s why photographers need image retouching service.

Searching for a good Photo editing company is challenging. The buyer always in worry either the provider will meet his demand or not. It is not about the money. It is about the time.

The buyer always in a hurry because time is money. A good photo service company handles these demands swiftly.

Clipping path desk is a good image retouching service company. They have a good management system that handled all the difficult task. Select CPD for your photo editing partner.

Our image retouching service is good for various retouch services. Some are given below:

  1. Baby and child’s photo retouch.
  2. Marriage photo retouch.
  3. Model photo retouch.
  4. Fashion and lifestyle photo retouch.
  5. Beauty and glamour photo retouch.
  6. Silhouette retouch.
  7. Family photo retouch.
  8. Product photo retouch.
  9. Sports photo retouch.
  10. Interior photo retouch.
  11. Travel photo retouch.
  12. Group photo retouch.
  13. Old image retouch and beautification.
  14. Real estate photo retouch.
  15. Stock photo retouch.
  16. Nature photo retouch.
  17. Animal photo retouch.
  18. Landscape photo retouch.
  19. Beach photo retouch.

CPD provides the highest quality of photo editing. Currently, our image retouching service is popular in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Our hard work and quality brought this position. We properly understand what you desire and gives you the deserving quality service.

Clipping path desk provides numerous types of Image retouching service. These services are familiar to the professional photographers. If you are new in this business, this information will help you.

  1. Simple Photo retouch.
  2. Blemish or Acne retouch.
  3. Correction of camera setting, such as- blur, color, contrast, and brightness.
  4. The smooth skin of the object.
  5. Highlight the skin.
  6. Remove or add a person.
  7. Add or remove objects.
  8. Make the white color of the eyes and teeth.
  9. Remove stray hair.
  10. Vanish crease and wrinkle.
  11. Eyeglass and facial glare removing.
  12. HDR correction.
  13. Remove the braces.
  14. Swaps the heads.
  15. Correct the red-eye problem.
  16. Perform creative photo manipulation.
  17. Do montage in multiple photos.
  18. Eyes, lips, eyebrows, and eyelashes reshaping.
  19. Remove image spots.

How to give orders?

It is a simple process. You have to send your photo via FTP, We Transfer or Dropbox. You can also send us your photos from Google drive.

After sending photos, please tells us the instructions via email. After getting instructions, we will start our work. You will get the finished photos as soon as possible.


CPD is very different from other photo editing service company. There are many photoshop company available in the world. Most of them are not good at skills. They failed to provide the quality works. Also, they demand a higher price for small tasks.

Clipping path desk is the trusted partner of yours. We have the skilled manpower. We take the appropriate price per image. We always think about the comfort of buyers. So, contact us today for image retouching service!!!

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