Expert Image Retouching Service For Product Starts At $0.60 Only!

Image retouching service is the foremost photo editing service after clipping path service. Photo retouching beautifies your captured photos and will be used for branding and marketing purpose.

Some Of Our Important Retouching Services

Clipping path desk is an expert image retouching service company. We have a good management system and designer who handled all the difficult task. Here are some of our retouching services:

  1. Baby and child’s photo retouch.
  2. Marriage photo retouch.
  3. Model photo retouch.
  4. Fashion and lifestyle photo retouch.
  5. Beauty and glamour photo retouch.
  6. Family photo retouch.
  7. Product photo retouch.
  8. Sports photo retouch.
  9. Interior photo retouch.
  10. Group photo retouch.
  11. Old image retouch and beautification.
  12. Real estate photo retouch.
  13. Landscape photo retouch.

Why you need image retouching service?

There are many common reason why you require photo retouching service for your business. Most common reason is to remove the spot from images. Here are some more crucial reasons discuss below:

1. Retouch glamour photos

Basically most fashion photographer contact us to retouch their glamour and portrait photos. It is necessary to create a strong and beautiful portfolio.

Portfolio photos are necessary for models and photographer. We need to remove the acne, wrinkles, scars from the model faces and beautify their skin.

The model photos are hugely used in magazines, newspaper, advertisement and print media. So, image retouching plays a huge role to grow this business.

image retouching service

2. Beautify your Product photos

Good product photos are important and helps to grow your e-commerce business. Your product photos require retouching if you still use high definition DSLR camera.

Image retouching is very needed for old age antique product like chandelier, table, chair, lamp and other household accessories. It is not only used for the old product but also effective for new design product.

3. Make your jewellery outstanding

Your jewellery photos always need good finishing. Jewellery is a precious and costly product. If you are a jewellery shop owner then you will not take any risk about the images.

It is highly recommended to hire a good retouching company. Always clearly show your client what your jewellery is. A good retouching company never hide any imperfection or damaged part of the product.

Image retouching increase the elegance of your jewellery photos. It draws more attention of the people and increase the sales.


Our specialist designers and management knows very well the importance of image retouching service to your business. We provide the best retouching service at lowest price. We also agreed on pricing negotiation. That is our best offer to you.

We provide the best product, jewellery and portrait retouch on the agreed time. If we need more time for any complex images we final it upon discussion.

All of our retoucher are skilled and has over 5 years of experience. We are efficient in skin retouch, portrait retouch, product retouch and other complex retouching job. If you want to grow your e-commerce or advertisement business then simply contact us.

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Background Removal Service Benefits
  • 1. Save your money

    Our image retouching service can save up to 60% of your photo editing post processing cost.

  • 2. Full time support

    We are giving you 24/7 customer service. Contact us for a quote, order tracking, delivery time,  and pricing.

  • 3. Quality retouch

    Our designers are skilled enough to remove any spot, blemishes, scratch from your product and portrait image quickly.

  • 4. Bulk image discount

    We accept the bulk image order and have enough manpower to work on it. You will get a special price too.

  • 5. Quick delivery

    We are promised to deliver your edited image on time. The delivery time will always confirmed during negotiation.


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