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Neck joint service

Ghost mannequin service or neck joint service is a familiar name in the photo world. It is an important service for garment industries. In the garments, dummies are used to present the cloth sample.

A photographer shoots photos of the clothe sample and send it to the buyer for last approval. The photos needed neck joint service because the buyer wants to see a full photo of a cloth. It is annoying to see different parts of the cloth.

In the digital world, a presentation is important for any kind of project. It is necessary to apply a good neck joint service on the images. Neck joint plays a good role in the e-commerce business.

E-commerce websites display a lot of clothing merchandise. The websites which display good images of cloth, earn more profits. That’s why every e-commerce websites seek a good neck joint service.

The neck joint service displays your images in different ways. It changed the outlook of the images. It increases the beauty of the images. A lot of e-commerce websites and garments owner spends money to fix the garment appearance.

Who require ghost mannequin service:

Neck joint service is an essential service for many people. The business sectors which needed this service are given below

  1. Garment websites.
  2. Garment Industries.
  3. Fashion magazines.
  4. Printing houses.
  5. E-commerce websites.
  6. Fashion photographers.
  7. Newspapers.
  8. Fashion photographers.
  9. Publishing house.
  10. Annual garment reports.
  11. Fashion advertising companies.

Why need ghost mannequin service?

Ghost mannequin is required for joining the neck part with the body part in the image. A photographer shoots both the inner part and outer part of the garment. Only a photoshop expert can perform this technique. That’s why you require ghost mannequin service.

Why Clipping Path Desk?

Clipping Path Desk provides more facilities than other providers. We help to increase our clients’ profits. We work as an assistant for your business. For assisting you we take a little portion of your profits.

We are very straight to the photo business and other activities. Our rules and regulation are simple and precise. We provide the best service that eases your work.

Here are Clipping Path Desk neck joint service facilities:

  1. Skilled manpower working on your images.
  2. 100% quality guaranteed.
  3. Full-time customer support.
  4. 24-hour service.
  5. Advanced Photoshop software used.
  6. Fast delivery time.
  7. Affordable price.
  8. Free trial options.
  9. Easy payment gateway.
  10. Express service available.

Looking for an expert neck joint/ghost mannequin service provider:

Clipping Path Desk is an expert neck joint and clipping path service company. We are determined to finish our job on time. It is hard to give you good quality images in time. But, our professional graphic designers doing the impossible things.


So, if you are badly in need of ghost mannequin service, you can call us. You can also contact us by sending an email. A good news for you. We are offering an exclusive free trial. So, grab the opportunity and send your image today!!!

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