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Background Removal Service Is Cost Effective Starts At $0.20 Only!

A background removal service is a photo editing process provide by photo editing company that takes an image from you, then clipped it, masks, or remove the background and back the modified image to you.

When you particularly dealing with product images specially E-commerce pictures the foreground side is the product, plus the background is the remainder of the photo.

You may have noticed “background removal” referred to as a silhouette design, background knockout, deep etching, cut-out, clipping, or even masking.

Doing clipping paths and layer masks do not always take out the background, but it is a common strategy to use, and a superior background removal service should provide to do this.

Within this article we will include what you should learn about background removal in general, and then you know why should you need background removal service as well as where you can get it.

What is the main difference between a background removal and clipping path?

In Adobe Photoshop, a clipping path is actually a vector artwork that traces an object, just like an outline around its corners. Clipping paths are generally utilized for one of two reasons: cutting an item out or wrap written text around it.

If you wish to get your photos clipped, your clipping path service will give back you a photo that appears exactly like what you sent them. But the background of the image is still there.

However if you open the image in Photoshop, you will see a line drawn all around the product that allow you to swiftly take away the background yourself if that’s exactly what you want to do.

A clipping path offers you flexibility, though if you know you would like the background taken out, you might need to taken out yourself or use a editing service that performs both: for each and every input, they deliver a clipped along with background removed photo as an output .

Why would you eliminate the background?

background removal service

1. To sell your product on market places such as Amazon

E-Bay, Amazon and others market places need white-colored or simple backgrounds. If you wish to remove the original background, it is possible to replace it using an absolute white that is equally compliant and appears great.

2. To produce consistent photos for your website

Even when you have a specialist photo studio shooting your e-commerce images, it will have variations in photos from different shoots. Taking out the background results in a constant, simple browsing website.

3. To decrease image size

Eliminating the original background and changing it with pure white cuts down on the photo’s byte size. Small photos brings speedier loading and superior experience.

4. To get rid of distractions

Even if capture on a simple white-colored background, there will probably be props, footprints, or include shadowing apparent in the background. You never wish nearly anything distracting from your item.

5. To change it with a different background

Generally, that means white-colored. However it may also mean applying different colored backgrounds for pop, or putting an item in a diverse context. For instance, having a picture of a car within a parking area and then swapping the parking area with a wide open road.

How do I take away the background from product photos?

1. By yourself, using graphic design software

How you will do it: Adobe Photoshop is the obvious choice, however you can accomplish it with free software application such as Paint.Net, Mac Preview, or GIMP.

Pros & Cons: The software applications are free of charge or cheap, but you have to pay in time.

2. Employ a freelance designer

You can employ a freelancer via services such as Fiverr, Upwork and other freelance websites. If there is a constant need and you want somebody nearby, you are able to employ designer via LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor.

Pros & Cons: There are talented freelance designer but employing is a gamble of tryout and error as well as managing them is a pain. You need to repeat everything every time you hire somebody new.

3. Hire in-house photo editor

You can engage a local graphic designer through the similar job websites as a local service provider.

Pros & Cons: You receive consistent outcomes, have excellent communication, and sustain control. But it is costly, and since image quantity available in seasonal bursts, your designers tend to be either overloaded or nonproductive.

4. Use a clipping path service company

A clipping path service company like Clipping Path Desk allows you to upload product photos and get them modified in accordance to your requirements, including background removal. You’ll find them via Google or referral from the photography expert you rely on.

Pros & Cons: You normally pay out a per image price and also have agreed upon turn-around times and modification processes.

An excellent service will give you consistent outcomes with easy online management, expected low charges, and scale occasionally. The difficulty is finding the correct company. A poor one will be just as employing a freelance worker, only including a management middle man.


Clipping Path Desk was made to be a simple, effective, dependable background removal service. The founders run an e-commerce company and could not get a good service that fulfilled their demands, so they invested 10 years developing Clipping Path Desk.

Our professional product photo editors carried out all editing and enhancing on a Photoshop assembly line, provides unmatched outcomes. It is faster, less expensive, and better quality than any other background removal service. Additionally we do a lot, even more than just background removal-if you require it.

Background Removal Service Benefits
  • 1. Quality Service

    Clipping path desk gives authentic background removal experience. Our skilled designers provides quality work in all task.

  • 2. Timely delivery

    We always complete and deliver the order in time. We are fully committed to our duties and time maintaining.

  • 3. Cheap price

    We charge very little from clients for background remove. Compare our rates with others than give the order.

  • 4. 24/7 full time support

    CPD customer helpline always provide full time support to all the clients because we care about your business.

  • 5. Quick image transfer

    We have the fastest FTP server for file transfer. You can send your image via We-transfer, Google drive or Dropbox.


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