Terms and Conditions

Last Modified: 05/06/2019

You must read the following service terms and conditions prior submitting your image editing order to clippingpathdesk.com. Following terms and conditions along with all the rules regarding to the editing services as mentioned on the website which also incorporates our privacy policy.

It will provide you information about what to get from our services like clipping path service and build a lawful contract between you and us. Your usage of our photo editing services makes up your full acknowledgement concerning this contract.

1. Images

For the finest outcomes, you need to submit images that fulfill our recommendations for photo format and resolution. Clipping Path Desk works hard to assure the edited images deliver to you are the top quality that you want from us.

The given image will likely be authorized by you on invoice in just 7 working days. You can make contact with us via email to describe your problem with the editing.

Clipping Path Desk is bound to customer satisfaction and will work altogether to correct any editing fault. You may judge any corrected image as well as accept or cancel any time.

Clipping Path Desk delete all the images from its server about 30 days right after the acceptance of the delivered images. We aren’t accountable for the delivered images quality if your given image doesn’t meet our recommendations.

2. Delivery Of The Image

Clipping Path Desk delivers the images to you utilizing a secure public website. However we made available your edited image only to you. Generally there are many safety regulations in the public website that Clipping Path Desk can’t correct and then for which we won’t be responsible.

You are able of getting your modified images by downloading them from given a link from us. We allow you to getting the images utilizing our FTP server.

Clipping Path Desk provides various image editing prices according to various requested photo delivery times. Clipping Path Desk give priority its image orders in accordance to delivery times and understands that we will have satisfy returning photos to customers if it meets the delivery dates.

Please contact us for the detail info of the date of ordering and the expected turnaround time.

In rare situations, especially bulk image orders shall possibly pass the editing capability within delivery time, in that situation we will contact you to find out how we can reset your order.

3. Payment Terms
The price of the clipping path service and other services can be set through email. And after that the editing will be begin when we agreed upon payment terms.

Clipping Path Desk has the only right to modify its price range on the site without any prior notice. All payments need to be carried out in USD. We will begin the payment work after complete your order. We will charge your payment through verified payment methods.

We will offer special rate and other offers to repeated clients especially who send us bulk orders, in that situation a client will get monthly invoice.

You are responsible for paying out relevant tariffs, taxes or duties concern to the image order, besides taxation on Clipping Path Desk’s income.

4. Legal Image Terms
You are fully accountable for the images you send to us. We will examine the submitted content and has all the legal rights to unaccepting any image without any reason.

Hence, Clipping Path Desk’s approval of an image for editing should not be considered as a restriction of your legal rights to use the image.

By sending an image to us, you make sure that you have the lawful authority to utilize any credit card or use other payment system to begin any money transaction as well as any images you deliver to us don’t includes any digital elements that may damage any of our property.

5. Disclaimer Of Warranty Or Guarantee Specifics

Clipping Path Desk doesn’t make any warranties, guarantees, suggested or legal, convey for the services offered. All given warranty specifics concerning efficiency, quality, and fitness for specific objective are specifically disclaimed.

Some areas of the disclaimer don’t accept or allow the omission of certain warranties about how longer a given warranty could stand last, So these exceptions or limits may not applicable to you

6. Legal Responsibility Limits

In any kind of situations we won’t be accountable for any specific, consequential, emotional, exceptional or incidental damages like company information, lost revenue or price savings, hence use for agreement violation, warranty violation, carelessness, or else that violate any standard of liability,

Clipping Path Desk will not be accountable for the charge of purchase or modification services. The foregoing limits will not apply to loss due to death or personal injury to Individuals or physical properties in any jurisdiction where these limitations is illegitimate by laws of state.

7. Negotiation Terms

The customers accept that Clipping Path Desk has given its price list on the website as well as the legal disclaimer of specific warranty and loss, the constraints of liability and the same form an important foundation of the negotiation between us and clients.

Both the customers and Clipping Path Desk acknowledge and accept that the exceptions and restrictions of liability and disclaimer described in this contract will employ even if it couldn’t meet their objectives.

8. Legal Terms

These legal terms will be applied from the moment you send an image to Clipping Path Desk till the time the delivered task is approved by clients, so long as Clipping Path Desk can cancel this contract anywhere anytime and will return the service charge of clients for the images that hasn’t edited.

Terms and conditions from 3 to 9 as well as any other terms, can be applicable in the contract termination process.

9. General Conditions

The terms and conditions in this contract is applicable to you and can’t be issued or change by you. This contract can be joint upon, and advantage of the successors of Clipping Path Desk.

This contract can probably be managed by and construed based on the law of California, U.S.A. The UN Convention on agreements for the Worldwide Purchase of service and products will not applicable to this contract.

In any event of dispute arising because of this contract both parties should agree the settlement utilizing the American Arbitration Association in California, U.S.A.

This contract is written in US English and the maintaining language will be US English. The utilization of the singular word includes of the plural or vice versa due to the circumstance may needed.

The titles applied in this contract are for research and will not impact the meaning of the contract terms.

Clipping Path Desk will not be responsible for any type of claimed loss or damage due to labor problem, floods, strike, outbreaks, natural catastrophes, government priorities, riots, fire, quarantine, power crises, or production loss due to reasons outside of our control.

Clipping Path Desk reserve all the rights to change this contract any time without notice. The conditions of Clipping Path Desk’s service of a certain task will be in effect on the time you send the image.

Money will not be given back due to inability to apply these conditions. If any terms of this contract is unacceptable, that term will be forced to the foremost extent allowed by the law and the rest of this contract will remain unchanged.

In the event of turmoil among these conditions with other declaration on Clipping Path Desk’s site, these rules might be alter by the Clipping Path Desk management.