Jewelry Photographyring jewelry photography

Rings are one of the needed and popular jewellery photography segments. Rings photography is the easiest than other jewellery photography. In this article, we will know how to photography rings jewellery effectively.

Try to use much light to capture gold rings on the white background. It is one of the common jewellery photography shoot. You require many photos of the rings from various angles. Also make a focal state to generate a blur effect on the rings to achieve good photos.

Don’t forget to click more photos which will focus completely to the rings. This attempt will help a clipping path service expert to remove the background easily.

Increase the ISO settings when you take photos on the black background

Gold rings on a black background appear really good. Gold color is very prominent on dark environments. As I told above, these colors require special camera settings.

Enhance the camera ISO from 400 and higher as well as use the bright light. If the ring images are in too dark background then use some lamps around your light box.

Utilize a napkin to put holding wax in order to stick the rings.

This is one of the best ideas to stick rings on the holding wax. Most of the time the holding wax is appears on the background. But you can try a napkin to lay down all the wax on it.

Most of the holding wax covers the napkin that’s why everything on the surface sticks on it. Now stick the rings jewellery on the napkin cover and select the required angle.

Don’t be worried to cover the ring with wax. It can be easily wiped out. If you apply wax then you require image retouching service to remove it. Try this unique pop to get a beautiful ring jewellery shot.

Before photography shoots use irons and clean fabric

Use clean colorful fabric along with your jewellery to get beautiful photos. You can use various types of textures, colors and fabrics. Gold rings look gorgeous on red color fabric. Use a red cotton color cloth to make your ring jewellery photograph more appealing.

You can also use other fabric like satin cloths. But be cautious, it includes glares. You can try it because the satin fabric doesn’t have unnecessary threads. As a result, the ring photos look smooth and appealing.

Use excess light while shooting on the velvet surface.

When you use a suede surface for jewellery photography then you will face a major problem. The surface will absorb most of the light. You will get dark photos even if your camera setting sets to ISO 800.

You can easily solved this problem by doing this trick. Place an extra lamp inside the light house and shoots many experimental jewellery photos. It is a time taking and difficult method but you will achieve the desired outcome.

Use a black acrylic panel to get a better reflection

To get better reflection use black acrylic panel instead of white panel. It is because most of the reflections of jewellery illuminated in white background. The gold rings reflections are worse on white background. On the other side darker color rings reflect more than gold color.

One more important this is to make sure that the LED lights or lamps aren’t reflected on the product surface. It is very easy to create jewellery reflection on the black surface. The color are much strong and the jewellery photos appears more expensive.

Extra tips:

Please contact a professional photographer if you want great jewellery photo. For editing purpose you can select a good clipping path service company. There are many professional photo editing company remains who provide excellent quality at your budget.

These ring jewelry photography tips are much effective when you take the photographs. Here is the tips again for your better understand:

  • Use more light to shoot gold rings on the white background.
  • Enhance the ISO settings on the black background during photography.
  • Use a napkin to put holding wax for sticking the gold rings.
  • Use clean red fabric for gold ring photo shoot.
  • Arrange extra light while take photos on the velvet surface.
  • Use black acrylic panel instead of white to get a nice reflection.