Advanced Image Masking Service Starts At $0.25 Only!

Image masking service is an essential photo editing service. It is a good technique to remove the unwanted hair of models in the images.

Where Image Masking Is Appropriate?

Decorative product

There are many companies need this service to present their product beautifully. Image mask required for these decorative products to look more beautiful.

Fur garment product

The garment product using fur needs this service. The owner of the manufacturing companies hires image masking companies to fix up the image details.

Fine threads removing

Most garment product has a little fine thread edge. It is visible with naked eyes. It is clearly visible in the images too. In order to remove the fine threads visibility, the owner hires Photoshop image masking service company.

Model hair mask

image masking service

The picture of a model needs to flawless. But, the open hair of the model cause problems. Especially the edge of the hair destroys the appearance. Image mask removes the unwanted hair. It makes your magazine image appealing.


Clipping Path Desk has experienced photo designers, who can provide you the best masking experience without error. We always try to provide you ultimate photo editing experience in reliable price.

We have all the resources, technique and facilities to fulfil your graphic needs. We want to share our experience with you to build up your business. Let’s grow together!

Image Masking Service Benefits
  • 1. Manual masking

    Our professional designers provide a manual image masking service and we don’t use any auto software.

  • 2. Experienced masking service

    All of our designers are doing masking for 5 years and have a vast experience working with big photo agencies.

  • 3. Faster delivery

    We always deliver finished images within the given time. We are time conscious and value our clients time.

  • 4. Easy payment system

    You can send us payment through any International money transfer like Payoneer, Paypal or bank transfer.

  • 5. 24/7 Online help

    We are here to help you for any problem 24/7 all the year round. Ask for any help and will get it promptly.


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