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    Image masking service

    Image masking service is an essential photo editing service. It is a good technique to remove the unwanted hair of models in the images.

    It is also good for the cloth images contains fur or fine threads. These extra thin threads or hair puts the negative impact of the images. That’s why you require image masking service!

    Clipping Path Desk image masking service is appropriate for:

    Decorative product: There are many companies need this service to present their product beautifully. Image mask required for these decorative products to look more beautiful.

    Fur garment product: The garment product using fur needs this service. The owner of the manufacturing companies hires image masking companies to fix up the image details.

    Fine threads removing: Most garment product has a little fine thread edge. It is visible with naked eyes. It is clearly visible in the images too. In order to remove the fine threads visibility, the owner hires Photoshop image masking service company.

    Model hair mask: The picture of a model needs to flawless. But, the open hair of the model cause problems. Especially the edge of the hair destroys the appearance. Image mask removes the unwanted hair. It makes your magazine image appealing.

    Husbandry and animal image: The animal pictures need image masking. By using the masking technique you can remove the extra hair of animals.

    Landscape images: Photomask is crucial for landscape images. Many companies use this technique for landscape images such as sky or trees.

    Color correction: Color correction process includes an image mask. Without Photoshop image masking you can’t correct the color problem of an image.

    Retouchers: A professional retouchers always need a good Photoshop image masking service. Photomask removes the excess hair or fixes up the edge of the images. It helps to retouch the images cleanly.

    Group photographs: Image masking helps to increase the beauty of group photos. A group photo contains lots of hair mask task. Without a hair mask, the photos look dull. Image mask makes group photos alive and beautiful.

    Clipping Path Desk’s extra services:

    Clipping Path Desk always thinks about the client’s comfort. We have a good Photoshop image masking service. We also include some extra services that make our image masking service awesome.

    • Isolate the flyaway hair from the subject.
    • Reflection and shadow making.
    • Background removing.
    • Remove the brand logos.
    • Remove product labels.
    • Keeping the original shadows of the object.
    • Silhouette or portrait design.
    • Deep etch service.
    • Smoothing the subject skin.
    • Correct the red eye of a subject.
    • Mirror reflection service.
    • Removing acne from the skin.

    Our skilled designers remove all the unwanted hair from the image by masking. The skill is developed by many years of practice and devotion.

    Clipping Path Desk provides 24-hour job service. We have trained manpower, especially in image masking. Our price is very cheap in accordance with the importance of work.

    We provide the best service at small price. We use latest Adobe software in any type of work. Whether it is a clipping path or color correction, our quality is the same. So, contact us for image masking service!!!

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