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With over 75+ Users and counting, Clipping Path Desk is the most Experienced and Trusted clipping path service provider on the graphics sector.

About Clipping Path Desk

Clipping path service is  the alternative name of deep etch service.  Clipping path is the most basic photo editing service. It is done with pen tools in Adobe Photoshop. You need basic skills to perform clipping path.  It is one of the best technique to get amazing photos for E-Commerce business.

Despite it is less difficult to learn but it consumes lots of time to perform in large volume images. Also, it requires much practice to fully understand how the path tool works. Today, the clipping path service is required by different industries.

It is mostly used by photography firms and e-commerce businesses. A good clipping path service company is always in demand. Select Clipping Path Desk for accurate product photos for your business.

Clipping Path Desk benefits

  • E-commerce websites, E-magazines, and portfolio websites.

  • Graphic designers and web design companies.

  • Professional photographers needed for their clients.

  • Advertise agencies and website design companies.

  • Product brochures and catalog companies.

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Clipping Path Services

We always provide Professional Image Editing  that helps you to build your E-Commerce Shop within your budget.

  • clipping path

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service is a popular technique to remove objects from the photos. CPD gives you unique and skilled clipping path in affordable price.

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  • Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow Service

Drop shadow service helps you create the beautiful shadow of any image. It enhances the beauty of any images and more sells can be achieved.

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  • Background Removal

Background Removal Service

Background removal service removes the complex background of any image. Our designers skilled in background removing of any image.

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  • Image Retouching Service

Image Retouching Service

Image retouching removes all the blemishes, acne, wrinkles, scars of the models face. It is important for modelling and magazine industry.

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Image Masking Service

Image masking service removes the fly hair and other unwanted content. Image mask presents a model beautifully on the magazine cover.

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  • Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Service

Neck joint service is very popular in the garment industry. It helps to present the full photo of clothes without showing the model body and neck.

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Clipping Path Service Features

  • Cost-effective price of every photo editing services.
  • Image protection rights of your content.

  • Fast Bandwith and FTP server.

  • Timely delivery of every order.

  • Experienced and skilled DTP designers.

  • Free trial and bulk image discount available.

  • Trusted by many reputed brands all over the world.

Our Sample Works

Our Service Price

Background Removal

$032 Basic Removal
  • Simple – $1.49
  • Complex- $4.59

Clipping Path Services

$028Basic Path
  • Simple Path – $1.19
  • Complex Path- $4.10

Image Retouching

110Basic Retouch
  • Simple Retouch- $3.59
  • Complex Retouch- $7.49

Neck Joint

$090Basic Joint
  • Simple Joint – $3.69
  • Complex Joint- $7.60

Drop Shadow

$035Basic Shadow
  • Simple Shadow- $0.69
  • Complex Shadow- $1.10

Image Masking

130Basic Masking
  • Simple Masking- $1.49
  • Complex Masking- $2.10

What People Say About Us

” Clipping Path Desk is great. A crucial part of my photography business. They are fast and reliable. I highly recommend them!!! “

Paola, Commercial Photographer, U.S.A

” Clipping Path Desk helps my online business to grow up. They offer a efficient, reliable and professional photo editing service. “

John, E-Commerce Website Owner, UK

” Great service – Very quick turn around time and highest quality editing. I am very satisfied and continue to work with them. “

Leonardo, Product Photographer, U.S.A
A professional clipping path company for Photographers, Advertising and E-commerce brand.
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