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Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service is the alternative name of deep etch service. Clipping path is the most basic photo editing service. It is done with pen tools in Adobe Photoshop. You need basic skills to perform clipping path.

Despite it is less difficult to learn but it consumes lots of time to perform in large volume images. There are lots of clipping path service provider remain in Asia. You can select any good company for image editing.

Clipping Path Desk is the top rated graphic service company. There is many other photo editing company around the world. You can select them but, most of them can’t fulfill your demand.

In counterpart, CPD proved to be an organized photo editing company in the world. We provide various photo editing services to our clients. The clients are satisfied with our quality work.

Clipping Path Desk is suitable for:

  1. Graphic designers.
  2. Product brochures and catalog companies.
  3. Professional and amateur photographers.
  4. Advertise agencies.
  5. Website design companies.
  6. Photo retouchers.
  7. News publishers.
  8. E-magazines.
  9. E-commerce sites.
  10. Portfolio sites.

Clipping Path Desk has enough manpower to complete any task. We can handle 3-4 big projects at a time. All of our men are skilled and experienced.

They have a depth knowledge of photoshop software and how to give a proper deep etch service. All that experience and skilled help us to provide a good service.

Clipping Path Desk offers a large variety of clipping path services. Not only clipping path service, but also provide other important photo editing services. Let’s check out some services below:

  1. Remove blemish or spotting.
  2. Image enhancements.
  3. Color correction.
  4. Reflection correction.
  5. Drop shadow service.
  6. Basic retouch.
  7. Silhouette.
  8. Airbrush.
  9. Crease removing.
  10. Vector conversion.

The facilities:

Best price:

Clipping Path Desk offers the best price for clipping path. We offer numerous photo editing service at a cheap price. You can search for other providers and discuss the price. We can negotiate and reach a fair deal.

Free trial offer

We provide a decent free trial offer to all. Before you ordered us, enjoy the free trial. Send us your 2-3 images and test our capabilities. The trial will be submitted to you as quickly as possible.

Easy to make an order

It is simple to make an order. At first, submit the order. We will review it. Then, we send you a price quote. After your approval, we will commence the production. We will send you the ready images within the given time.

Quality image storage and sending process

It is easy to send one or two images by email. But, it is hard to give bulk images. That’s why CPD offers FTP service. Please email us before using FTP. You can also use Dropbox, We Transfer for sending images.

Image protection and rights

Our company ensures your image protection and rights. We don’t use or deliver images to the third parties. If we needed, we will take your permission to use your images for commercial and personal work.

Clipping Path Desk is a photo editing brand. We make sure the quality of images and delivery time. Our customer care is open 24 hours a day. Bring us your images for clipping path service!!!

Clipping Path Desk benefits

Clipping Path Desk Offers

Experienced And Skilled Designers!

All of our photoshop designers are skilled and committed. They have more than 5 years of experience of clipping.

Skill is important

In the design sector, experience matters. CPD selects the best graphic designers across the country and provide the best service.

Secured Payment Gateway

Our payment system is 100% secure. We use payoneer, mastercard, wire transfer for payment.

Payment system

Currently, we only take payments via Payoneer and bank transfer. You can select one of them or both for payments.

Quick Image File Transfer!

You can send us the file image via FTP server, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox and other popular file services.

Image protection.

We are giving you 100% image protection and rights to our clients. See our company policy about the image protection.

Our clipping path services

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Our pricing

Background Removal

$032 Basic Removal
  • Simple – $1.49
  • Complex- $4.59

Clipping Path Services

$028Basic Path
  • Simple Path – $1.19
  • Complex Path- $4.10

Image Retouching

110Basic Retouch
  • Simple Retouch- $3.59
  • Complex Retouch- $7.49

Neck Joint

$090Basic Joint
  • Simple Joint – $3.69
  • Complex Joint- $7.60

Drop Shadow

$035Basic Shadow
  • Simple Shadow- $0.69
  • Complex Shadow- $1.10

Image Masking

130Basic Masking
  • Simple Masking- $1.49
  • Complex Masking- $2.10

Our sample works

clipping path service
clipping path
clipping path service

What People Say About Us

Clipping path service

The best thing I found about the Clipping Path Desk is quality and turn around time. I am highly satisfied with their clipping path service and the price. I recommend CPD for photo editing jobs.

Habibur Rahman, Habibur Photography Studio, Fort Collins, Colorado, US
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