• Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Desk is a reliable company for quality photo editing services. Clipping path desk provides you with the most affordable and accurate clipping path service. We have expert hands who work day and night to provide good designs.

Clipping Path Desk employs best graphic designers. They are good at clipping, masking and retouching. They are not only good at these services but also capable to perform every Photoshop services. Our designers have years of experience and quality training to perform better artwork.

We are able to perform any type of image editing like super complex, complex or easy. Our designers can do multi clipping path. Multi clipping is not easy and needs much time to finish. We have the experience to finish off complex multi clipping works at given time.

CPD has different price ranges based on image complexity. We only charge $0.28 per image for simple clipping path. Complex, super complex and multi clipping path are costly because of the image complexity. But overall the image quality and high details the editing price is suitable for your business.

Clipping Path Desk offers the best packages of background removal service. Our skilled designers offers the hand drawn background removal. They are very good at path tool and know what type of background is suitable for your images.

We are specialist in e-commerce photo background removal. Today, the e-commerce sector requires fresh photos of the product. Our quality service provides beautiful product photos with error-free background removal.

Clipping Path Desk offers best prices for background removal service. Our service is cheap and profitable for your business. Our pricing starts from 0.32 USD/Photo for normal removal. The price will be varying for complex and super complex photos. But we ensure you the price will be at your reach.

  • Background Removal Service
  • Drop Shadow Service

Drop shadow is one of the premium services of clipping path desk. To perform a drop shadow service you require experience, skills, and dedication. A drop shadow gives an aesthetic look to your product and impress your clients.

Drop Shadow service is one of the trending Photoshop service now a days. Due to the rapid growth of e-commerce business good quality drop shadow is sky rocketing. In order to boost your e-commerce business you need to hire a good drop shadow provider.

Clipping path desk has a good reputation and pride in the shadow design filed. We know about current e-commerce business situation. That’s why we can provide you the best drop shadow service.

If you are a professional photographer or not you need a skilled image retoucher or retouching service to polish your images. If you love to take photos and share it with your relatives, friends then you need clean photos.

It is hard to capture clean photos because we are not professionals. Even skilled photographer can’t shoot good photos every time. Every photos after capturing require editing and retouching. You need a good image editor to polish your photos.

Generally a single image retouching can be done by yourself. But it will be hard if you have images more than one. It will be harder if you use the images for portfolio or e-commerce business. Contact Clipping Path Desk for professional image retouching service.

  • image retouching service
  • Neck Joint Service

Neck joint service is a crucial Photoshop editing technique mainly used in clothing business. It is a great combination of technique and experience. A designer needs years of experience and good skills in order to perform neck joint.

As a buyer you should looking for a good neck joint service provider. The images of the garments should appear clean and exact. Try Clipping Path Desk neck joint service. Our designers have more than 5 years of experienced in this field. We can be a better solution for your clothing business.

Image masking service is generally used for removing fur or hair from the image. Most often a model’s or people hair is flying during the photo shoot.  It is a natural problem but can be solved by image masking technique.

A photo editor needs to be technically good in order to perform masking. Due to masking is related with clipping path technique that’s why a good clipping path service company can perform better editing job.

Hence image masking needed good clipping path designer Clipping Path Desk will be the right place. We have skilled masking expert who can mask your images clearly and remove the unwanted hair or fur from the images.

  • image masking service

Best Photo Editing Services For E-Commerce Business!

Premium Editing Service

CPD includes six premium image editing service that help your website stand out to your customers!

Make Your Website Stand Out

CPD include the Clipping Path, Background Removal, Image Retouching, Neck Joint, Image Masking and Drop Shadow.

Responsive Customer Support

We offer fully responsive customer support 24/7 all the year round. Just contact us!

Professional Customer Care

Our professional customer care will contact you and send a quote as quickly as possible.

Beautiful Designs

Our skilled designers provide you beautiful designs that attracts more clients to your website.

Create Something Beautiful

We create eye-catching designs that helps to grow your business. More business means more profit.

Sample Test

We only take service charge when you like our sample work. Then we proceed for bulk service.

Unlimited Modifications

We offer an unlimited modifications to your images. This offer is confined to the simple images only.

Why Clipping Path Desk?
      • We are fully responsive to your questions. We take little time to send you a quote and price.
      • Awesome image editing service give you the opportunity to showcase your product on your website.
      • Unlimited modification options with a free trial offer, bulk image offer and occasional offer.
      • Easy payment method such as, Paypal, Payoneer, Visa, Bank transfer and other International getaway.
      • Our customer care offer free support. We always care about your business as much as you do.
What Client’s Say

” Clipping Path Desk helps my online business to grow up. They offer a efficient, reliable and professional photo editing service. They deliver the files on time, and provide me error free image. I highly recommend them!! “


” Clipping Path Desk is great. A crucial part of my photography business. I am sure they won’t disappoint you. They are always fast and beautifully thorough. Highly recommended for everyone. “


” Great service – Very quick turn around time and the highest quality editing. I am very satisfied and will continue to work with them. “

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